Weeks 6 to 11: Where am I now, and how do I get to where I want to be?

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Welcome to weeks 6 to 11. At this point in the semester, you have gained many essential academic skills. Now, you should focus on improving your confidence in your courses, along with your abilities as a student. Additionally, work on refining your academic skills and thinking more critically about course material. Visit the research desk in the library for help with finding scholarly sources to support your argument and thinking. Learn to interact with, question, build on, and incorporate research or key course concepts in your assignments, as well as while you are studying and learning. 


Think of these weeks as your opportunity to accelerate in your efforts, commitment, and focus. You have already experienced the learning cycle mentioned previously: learned the material -> completed an assignment/exam -> received feedback/marks. Now, start thinking about how you can perform better in this learning cycle. The resources below should help to situate where you are in terms of learning and performance. Use these resources to help fuel your efforts in the second half of this semester. 


For this week, focus on: 

  • Figuring out your current grade in each of your courses 
  • Making a plan to improve your performance in this six-week period 


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