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Gear Up! Program for Electrical Foundations

Sharpen your math skills well ahead of the program! If you have been out of school for a long time or if your math skills are a bit rusty, we have bridge programs to transition you smoothly.

Bridge 1: The ALEKS Electrical Math Refresher

This is not a Kwantlen course but an online self-learning tool from ALEKS Corporation that adapts to your pace Electrical instructors tailored the topics for incoming students. The course codes are below:

Mr. Roger Cannon LJ4UJ-RHH9Q
Mr. Norm Chamberlain 6PN4Y-F6M4M
Mr. Raphael Lagoutin X4JEK-PGNUV
Mr. Ron Murray PDHCG-JRF4F

A six-week course costs US$32.

Ready for ALEKS? Aleks Sign Up Instructions. Not sure? Try out the Electrical Math refresher for free before purchasing. Contact the Learning Centre for instructions. Don't like ALEKS? Try other bridge programs.

Bridge 2 Khan Academy Electrical Math Refresher

Khan Academy is a popular online learning site not just for math. To gear up for Electrical Foundations study the videos in Algebra Refresher and Geometry Refresher. You can also study ahead in physics. This tool is free!

Bridge 3: Building a Foundation in Mathematics book

This math book was written for electricians. It takes the learner to the more advanced topics quicker than your typical basic math Find copies of this book and its accompanying workbook at the Learning Centre and the library.

All bridge programs come with free tutoring—by email, phone, Skype (and telephone), or drop-in.

Student needs differ, but whatever yours are, do your best to prepare. And,; if none of these options suits you let us know. We partner with other departments to help you gear up for success.

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