Managing Productivity (LERN) - MGMT 9010

Whether you are measuring and documenting your own productivity, or managing the productivity of others, acquire the four new management systems and procedures to maximize productivity in your work organization. Move your skill set from the last century's system of managing time to this century's managing of productivity. With a growing number of people in the workforce working remotely, only these four new management systems allow you to successfully manage both office or on-site workers and those working from a distance, including home. After completing this course, you will have a new set of management skills to manage both your own productivity and that of others in the new work environment of this century.

Unit 1 Preparing to Manage Productivity
-Moving from managing time to managing productivity
-Rewriting job descriptions from activities to outcomes
-Measuring Your Own Productivity
-Gaining organizational and CEO support
-Writing a productivity plan and outcome measurements
Unit 2  Productivity Supervision
-Weekly reports
-From activity to outcome reports
-Monitoring quality
-Dealing with underperforming people
Unit 3 Communicating Online          
-Asynchronous versus synchronous communication
-Ways telecommuters communicate
-Building teamwork using a virtual office
-Creating supervision online
-Accountability for workers and supervisor
Unit 4 Issues in Managing Productivity
-Face-to-face meetings
-Developing virtual teams
-Hiring contract, part time, hourly, salaried and other kinds of workers
-Recruiting the best workers
-Organizational reporting and CEO support

Instructor: LERN


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