Mastering Computer Skills in the Workplace (LERN) - CMPT 9012

Must-have skills to succeed in the workplace include the ability to create, edit and manage presentations in MS PowerPoint, documents in MS Word, email and calendars in MS Outlook, and spreadsheets in MS Excel. Microsoft Office Suite of applications is the most used software tool in the world. Stay current with this class, as it is always up-to-date and will change as the features of MS Office change over time. Master the most common uses so that you can work faster and more efficiently and can take your computer skills from plain and drab to exciting and engaging. You will leave class with a set of skills that are a workplace requirement in today’s fast paced ever-changing environment and will enable your future career success.
Unit 1 Introduction to Microsoft Word

  • Explore the different parts of the Word document and document navigation

  • Learn how to format paragraphs, line spacing and fonts

  • Add and modify bullets, lists, tables, headers, footers, page numbers and page breaks

  • Insert graphical elements including drawing objects, pictures, and charts

  • Utilize proofing features like spell check and grammar check

Unit 2 Introduction to Microsoft Excel

  • Explore the different parts of the Excel worksheet and document navigation

  • Understand cells and their makeup and how to populate, format and merge cells

  • Create and manage formulas, tables, charts, and multiple worksheet “workbooks”

  • Printing and PDF file creation including setting print areas
Unit 3 Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Explore the different parts of the PowerPoint presentation

  • Understand slides and their makeup

  • Create, Insert and format slides

  • Insert and modify text, tables, charts, graphics, videos and images

Unit 4  Microsoft Outlook

  • Understand Outlook navigation and how the various aspects work together
  • View, create and respond to email messages; format emails and set signature(s)
  • Email etiquette: CC, BCC, threads, quoting and textual interpretation
  • Navigate and search email folders
  • Set email forwarding and filtering rules
  • Request and edit appointments and respond to meeting requests

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Sep 5-29, 2017
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