Deb Gorval

Deb Gorval,
B.Ed, University of British Columbia
M. A., University of Phoenix

Deb has been involved in instructing computer related courses for many years. She started as a business instructor in secondary schools and moved into a career in real estate and land development. Deb still invests in the real estate market but is focused on her career as an instructor in the CBSY department at KPU.

Travelling and learning about other cultures are activities of interest. She has travelled extensively to Europe, New Zealand, South Pacific, Caribbean, Mexico, U.S.A. and across Canada. Deb is originally from Vancouver & continues to enjoy the eclectic nature of a city lifestyle. To keep fit, she enjoys taking a variety of dance classes (hip hop, jazz, salsa, etc.) and is a regular tennis player at the Stanley Park courts during the spring and summer months.