Kwantlen community debates over electoral reform

Thu, Apr 2, 2009



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April 3, 2009

Kwantlen community debates over electoral reform

(METRO VANCOUVER, B.C.) In anticipation of the May 12 provincial referendum on electoral reform, the Kwantlen Polytechnic University political science department hosted a debate on electoral reform at its Surrey Campus to raise awareness and encourage community discussion.

"This is quite a pressing issue," said Dr. Gregory Millard, Kwantlen political science faculty. "We're going to be asked on May 12 whether we want to change the entire process used to elect our legislature and, by extension, our provincial government. However, most people seem unaware of what's at stake, or even that a provincial referendum is almost upon us.”

The event attracted over 50 people who heard from former special advisor to the premier of B.C. and secretary-treasurer of the No B.C.-STV Campaign Society, David Schreck who made the case against the new B.C. single transferable vote system (BC-STV), and Edith Davidson, North Delta representative on the Citizens' Assembly for Electoral Reform, who voiced her support for the change.

The debate concluded with an informal referendum in which participants voted their preference. Results revealed that 80.5 per cent of respondents indicated support for the existing system over the proposed BC-STV system.

Organizing events like this debate reaffirms Kwantlen’s commitment to the community. “It's a vital part of our mandate as a university that we raise awareness and provoke discussion about matters that affect our community. Judging by the audience response, the debate helped us do that,” remarked Millard.

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