Kwantlen's print media studio goes green

Mon, Aug 20, 2012

Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s print media studio, part of the fine arts department, will reopen this September after its facilities’ transition to environmentally-friendly printing methods.

“Myself, along with program assistant Frank Fan, have worked since May 2012 to convert the studio to environmentally-friendly processes that emphasize the use of non-toxic materials,” says Kitty Leung, instructor, Kwantlen Polytechnic University. “Not only are we proud of the environmental benefits of the new processes, but the implementation of these new processes will make the studio a safer place for students to work.”

Traditionally the creation of prints involve the use of acids, solvents, and strong cleaners to prepare metal plates and to clean off ink; at Kwantlen these substances have now been replaced with equally effective non-toxic materials.

Kwantlen’s print media studio will use ferric chloride (which is neutralized before disposal) in the place of nitric acid to etch metal plates. It will also use soya sauce, salt and vinegar to replace ammonia to degrease metal plates; instant coffee will be used with a new ink-based ground for lift ground technique in etching; a mixture of soda and water will now be introduced as a ground remover rather than solvents.

Kwantlen’s print media courses teach students techniques in screenprint, etching, monoprint and relief print. Students will examine ideas and practices in contemporary print media through assigned and self-initiated projects and investigate the possibilities of extending print media into multi-media prints, print-based installation or other art forms. For more information about print media courses and techniques, or Kwantlen’s fine arts department please visit:

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