Turfgrass Management students take part in polytechnic experience

Mon, Jan 27, 2014

Turfgrass Management students from KPU’s School of Horticulture recently integrated classroom topics with a true polytechnic experience in HORT 2436 – Golf Course Management. They are presently studying Project Management and Turf Care Centre planning in this second year course towards their Turfgrass Management Diploma.

Golf Course Superintendent Norley Calder of Sagebrush Golf and Sporting Club (Merritt) is planning a new Turf Care Centre for his turfgrass management equipment and crew. On January 24, he shared his project needs with students in the HORT 2436 class. They discussed Sagebrush maintenance philosophy, equipment inventory, labour needs and visual impact. Site photos and an aerial site map helped students understand site details in discussing Mr. Calder’s needs. 

The students then broke into teams of three to develop their own Turf Care Centre plan for Sagebrush. They began by assessing flow management options to maximize labour and equipment location efficiency. Calculating equipment & supplies storage footage needs and labour spaces came next. Their homework is to combine all into an ideal Turf Care Centre.

Students shall present their team plans to Mr. Calder at the national Turfgrass Management Conference here in Vancouver, February 18-21. Sagebrush Golf and Sporting Club will rate students plan quality and use details in the development of the new facility planned for summer of 2014.

-Stan Kazymerchyk

Turfgrass Management Instructor