"Pathways to Intercultural Learning" a talk by Dr. Constanza Rojas-Primus, Department of Language and Cultures, KPU

Wed, Sep 21, 2016


Reflections on "Pathways to Intercultural Learning" by Dr. Constanza Rojas-Primus, LANC department

September 23rd, 2016

Surrey Boardroom, Cedar 2110


Everybody is welcome!

Constanza Rojas-Primus teaches Spanish and Intercultural Studies at KPU. She is working on the integration of Intercultural Communication Competencies into her Spanish classroom, and will teach a brand new course on Advanced Intercultural Competencies in Spring. She has also just released a co-edited book about Promoting Intercultural Communication Competencies in Higher Education. Check the book release here http://www.igi-global.com/Files/Ancillary/1c9c54a6-1025-4e35-8ee1-3daeae808829_Garcia-Perez_9781522517320.pdf