Dr. Rajiv Jhangiani appointed Special Advisor to the Provost on Open Education

Wed, Feb 7, 2018

KPU is pleased to announce Dr. Rajiv Jhangiani's appointment as Special Advisor to the Provost on Open Education. Dr. Jhangiani is a faculty member in the Department of Psychology. A recent KPU Teaching Fellow on Open Education at KPU, he currently serves as an Associate Editor of Psychology Learning and Teaching and as an Ambassador for the Center for Open Science. He has previously served as an Open Education Advisor and Senior Open Education Research and Advocacy Fellow with BCcampus, an OER Research Fellow with the Open Education Group, a Faculty Workshop Facilitator with the Open Textbook Network, and the Associate Editor of NOBA Psychology. Dr. Jhangiani has received numerous awards and honors. He is a leading player in B.C.'s open textbook movement through his work with BCcampus and KPU's ground-breaking Zed Cred/Z-Degree initiative.

"Dr. Jhangiani's appointment is a clear demonstration of the university's commitment to innovation and accessible education and reaffirms our intention to become sector leaders in the rapidly expanding field of Open Education worldwide," said Provost and VP Academic Dr. Salvador Ferreras.

"As an open access institution and the leading adopter of open educational resources, KPU already enjoys tremendous grassroots support for open education. I am delighted to have the opportunity to lead this important initiative, one that serves both social justice and pedagogical innovation," said Dr. Jhangiani.