KPU design students collaborate with Dutch designers at Interior Design Show

Fri, Sep 21, 2018

Vancouver, B.C. – Students from Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Wilson School of Design collaborated with an innovative Dutch design collective to produce a prominent display at the Interior Design Show this weekend.


The product design students worked with Envisions, a design collective of 20 multidisciplinary Dutch designers whose stated aim is to “overthrow the usual boundaries between finished product and the creative process by showcasing everything but the final product”.


“The students were excited to work with this young, innovative design collective,” says Sue Fairburn, product design instructor at the Wilson School of Design.


With mentoring from Envisions, the students created 10 moving installations, each resembling something in everyday life. The textiles and the techniques used in the installations are intended to be used in active lifestyle outerwear and in high performance sports. The students selected these fabrics and explored how they can demonstrate the movement and flow of the materials to create new forms and shapes.


“You think some look like sails, while others look like mobiles, windmills or spinner tops. The textiles really come to life. We invite the public to look beyond what technical textiles do in our everyday lives and envision other possibilities through explorative design,” explains Fairburn.


For first year product design student Alex Nelmes, it was an exciting and colourful start to the school year.


“It was busy, intense and so exciting to get to work so closely with not only the amazing team at Envisions but also our faculty and fellow classmates. The best part of the process was being able to see the projects and ideas grow from the original prototypes into the installation we have today.”


The collaboration is supported by the Consulate General of the Netherlands and the Vancouver Interior Design Show. The installations will be on display at the Interior Design show until September 23. For more information, visit