KPU donates supplies to hospitals during COVID-19

Fri, Mar 20, 2020

Kwantlen Polytechnic University faculty and staff are donating much-needed supplies to local hospitals dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. A total of 37 boxes include gloves, masks, and lab coats.


The Nursing Inter-School Committee (NIS), through which KPU Nursing does its clinical placements, put out a call asking for supplies for Vancouver General Hospital. Acting Dean in the Faculty of Health, Dr. Harjit Dhesi put out a call to all faculties to see if they could help and the response was quick. While Dr. Dhesi called other local hospitals, VGH has the greatest need.


“It’s heartwarming to see the tremendous response from everyone at KPU. Everyone immediately stepped up with whatever they could,” says Dr. Dhesi.


“It’s an uncertain time, and we don’t know where this thing is headed, but we care about each other and value the nurses, doctors, and health care workers that are working hard in providing the very best care they can during this time.”


After the initial call was put out, lab technicians on campus reached out to Lana Mihell, divisional business manager in the Faculty of Science, to tell her where the supplies were located on campus. She also received phone calls from staff working remotely to help locate more supplies around the various campuses. With help from other staff members, Mihell has been gathering the supplies for delivery.


“Despite being busy with the COVID-19 planning, the staff at the Faculty of Science pulled together in a time of need to help those on the front lines,” says Elizabeth Worobec, dean in the Faculty of Science at KPU.


The donations include almost 100 lab coats and aprons, 400 masks and over 15,000 gloves with more to come.