KPU-ILSC agreement promises seamless transition for more students

Mon, Sep 18, 2023

Students of ILSC Education Group can now take advantage of a new pathway to study at Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) thanks to an agreement between the two institutions.

The Unilateral Pathway Agreement opens doors for ILSC language program students to seamlessly pursue their undergraduate studies at KPU.

“Upon completing various levels of ILSC programs, students can smoothly transition into KPU's English Language Studies or undergraduate programs. This pathway ensures a supportive and hurdle-free journey toward their academic goals,” says Carole St. Laurent, Associate Vice-President, International, at KPU.

The move will allow KPU to welcome a diverse array of students attending ILSC language schools locally and internationally – opening up a new avenue for students who otherwise might not have applied to KPU.

ILSC Education Group Inc. has been operating since 1991, when it opened its first school in Vancouver. Since then, it has expanded to include eight language schools in Canada, Australia, and India. The schools enable advanced entry into many undergraduate degree programs around the world.

“ILSC Education Group is proud to start this new partnership with KPU, whose pursuit of excellence, collaboration, and creativity aligns well with ILSC’s values,” says Ali Noori, Director of Toronto Higher Education Pathway, Canada, at ILSC. “We are confident that this partnership will create even more opportunities for our students to have transformative and life-changing experiences in their journey between the two institutions.”

To be eligible for admission at KPU, ILSC students must meet the English proficiency requirement through successful completion of ILSC university pathway program.

“By establishing a pathway for ILSC students to seamlessly transition into KPU's diverse academic programs, we empower them to complete their education with hands-on learning experiences, effectively preparing them for careers in Canada or their home countries,” says St. Laurent.