Three awarded for commitment to building justice, equity, diversity and inclusion at KPU

Wed, May 1, 2024

Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) is celebrating three social justice leaders for their commitment to building an inclusive university community.

On April 25, 2024 Dr. Alan Davis, KPU’s President and Vice-Chancellor, presented the university’s Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Awards at the KPU Langley campus.

The JEDI Awards celebrate members of the KPU community who demonstrate outstanding commitment, innovation, and leadership in working towards intersectional social justice, dismantling systemic barriers, and building a culture of equity, diversity and inclusion at and around KPU.

“We are fortunate to have such dedicated and committed leaders who are actively working to make KPU a more accessible and inclusive place to study and work,” says Davis. “They have made the university a better place for the entire community and it is an honour to be able to recognize their incredible contributions.”

Presented annually, the JEDI Awards recognize the achievements and promote the efforts of KPU employees and students dedicated to ensuring the full participation of historically excluded and systemically oppressed groups in the life of the university and society more broadly.

This year’s recipients include:

•    Dr. Ann Marie Davison, Biology Instructor and Chair of KPU’s Accessibility Committee
•    Greg Chan, English Instructor and KDocsFF Social Justice Documentary Film Festival Community Outreach and Social Justice Lab Director
•    Destiny Lang, Fashion Design & Technology student, KSA Queer Students Representative, Pride Peer Leader, and member of the Pride Society and Pride Advocacy Group.

Davison was nominated for her exceptional leadership and tireless advocacy for accessibility at KPU, advocating to ensure that every student and employee can fully participate and excel, regardless of ability.

Dr. Ann Marie Davidson in her power wheel chair with cherry blossom trees in the background
 Dr. Ann Marie Davison, Biology Instructor and Chair of KPU’s Accessibility Committee.

“I'm very grateful to Trina Prince for nominating me and to have my many years of effort to increase accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities at KPU recognized,” says Dr. Davison.

“We are fortunate to have many faculty, staff, and students with disabilities who are willing to share their experiences with barriers and make suggestions to remove them. KPU has developed a comprehensive Accessibility Plan and has a dedicated Accessibility Committee who will ensure that the plan comes to pass. My hope for KPU is that we develop a culture where people have no fear of disclosing their disabilities because they know they will be accepted, respected, and given the supports they need to thrive.”

Most recently, Davison co-chaired KPU’s Accessibility Committee and helped ensure the successful launch of the university’s inaugural three-year Accessibility Plan.

Chan has been involved in growing the KDocsFF Social Justice Documentary Film Festival since 2015 as outreach coordinator, in addition to running the KDocsFF YouTube channel and establishing the KDocsFF Social Justice Lab at the KPU Surrey campus.

Greg Chan smiling at camera
Greg Chan, English Instructor at KPU.

“It is an honour to be nominated for this award and a humbling recognition of the work being done to create an even more inclusive community at KPU,” says Chan. “Helping grow KDocsFF, through its Community Outreach program and the establishment of the Social Justice Lab has been a highlight of my 29 years at KPU. Seeing the ripple effect of these initiatives throughout the university and within the wider community — all championing justice, equity, diversity, and inclusivity — has been incredibly meaningful work that I am proud to amplify."

Chan has positively impacted countless students through his commitment to inclusivity in the classroom by including material related to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion in his English classes over the past 29 years at KPU.

Lang is an outspoken advocate for gender inclusion and actively works to create inclusive spaces at KPU. In their role as KSA Queer Student Representative, Lang successfully worked to have gender-affirming care added to the student benefits package as of September 2024.

Destiny Lang, JEDI Award winning student and LGBTQ2S+ advocate
Destiny Lang, KSA Queer Students Representative, Pride Peer Leader, and student at KPU.

"I felt surprised and honoured to be nominated for the JEDI Award for my advocacy to add gender-affirming care coverage to the KSA Health and Dental Plan,” says Lang.

“My activism enables KPU to be the first BC post-secondary institution to provide gender-affirming care coverage. Healthcare is a human right—and systematically oppressed groups deserve equitable treatment, support, and access to healthcare. I want to thank my mentors at the Studentcare Coalition, my allies at the KSA and Gallivan Student Insurance, my community at KPU, and those beyond who have supported my advocacy work. Thank you for helping me grow and lead with kindness."

Lang is also a member of the KPU Pride Society, is a KPU Pride Peer, has represented students on the KSA’s Disability Inclusion Group, Pride Advocacy Group, and helped organize The Disabilityverse advocacy group for students with disabilities, all while enrolled as a student at the Wilson School of Design.

“These leaders in the KPU community embody our commitment to making post-secondary a more just, inclusive, and accessible place,” says Dr. Asma Sayed, Vice-President, Equity and Inclusive Communities “We are fortunate to have faculty and students who have contributed so much to our community and to have the opportunity to recognize their hard work and dedication.”

Destiny Lang receiving their JEDI Award from President Davis
Destiny Lang  receiving their JEDI Award from President Davis.


Dr. Davison receiving her JEDI Award from President Davis
Dr. Davison receiving her JEDI Award from President Davis.
Greg Chan receiving his JEDI Award from President Davis
Greg Chan receiving his JEDI Award from President Davis.