Biocontrol Seminars and Workshops

A 4–Part Biocontrol Seminar and Workshop Series

  1. Parasitoids and Their Use in Biocontrol
  2. Nematodes and Their Use in Biocontrol
  3. Beneficial Fungi and Their Use in Biocontrol
  4. Bacteria and Viruses and Their Use in Biocontrol
  5. Workshop on Registering Biopesticides in Canada (in conjunction with Seminar 4)

Proceedings on DVD - order form - Parasitoid and Nematode Seminars and Workshops

Biocontrols and biopesticides have been under-utilized tools in pest management. Societal pressures on horticulture to practice good environmental stewardship are continually increasing. Because of this, there is new interest in Canada in registering biopesticides such as bacterial, fungal and viral products. Neither biocontrols nor biopesticides are like conventional pesticides. Everyone in the chain from the biocontrol producer to the grower must have a good understanding of their benefits as well as their limitations in order to maximize effectiveness. This seminar series brought national and international expertise to BC to raise our level of knowledge and understanding of biocontrol and biopesticides.

Participants came from a few key groups – growers, biocontrol producers, consultants, sales staff, pest management and IPM staff, extension and research personnel, college and university faculty and students, parks employees and turf managers:

Group Seminars Workshops
Industry (nursery, green house, other) 18% 23%
consultants 14% 28%
industry support 12% 17%
government 10% 13%
municipal and parks 3% 4%
University related 9% 7%
students 34% 8%
Total participants 377 161