Why Horticulture

Why Horticulture Javitott 2016





      the credential right for your goals



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  while planning for the future. Choose from trades qualifications,

  citations, certificates, diplomas, or degrees. Know that

  courses completed for one credential may also be part

  of more complex programs.  



Take advantage of the specialized knowledge and experience of our faculty and staff. Our faculty know horticulture, are active in the industry, and are committed to excellence in their teaching.


     Learn the how and why of horticulture.




Our diplomas blend vocational and academic approaches. This approach prepares you to effectively deal with new situations and new problems in your work.

Learn to use the equipment employed by industry.

We have an excellent and extensive array of equipment and a commitment to continually update our resources.


     A lot of plants in one place.


botanical garden



Our working garden has a large range of plants and includes important selections for all of the climatic zones of BC.

Greenhouses, golf greens, and gardens.Develop your skills in our classes before you start work. If you have experience you can use our facilities and classes to refine your techniques and try new approaches.



Sustainable horticulture. What does it mean? How can you implement it? Learn the answers in our courses and through the activities.



     Small student-centred classes

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allow you to get the most out of your class time (maximum 35 students in lecture and 16 to 22 in labs) 

Enjoy our friendly student-centred atmosphere.

Develop long term connections with faculty and other students. Our student clubs organize social activities and facilitate your connections with industry. Let us be the start of your professional network.


     Excellence is rewarded.


award recipients



There are numerous student awards and scholarships specifically for horticulture students.


    Langley campus is centrally located in the center of

    the horticulture industry.

and the heart of the Fraser Valley. The campus is close to

the Langley City transit hub and close to downtown Langley

and its services.

Join us in a horticulture program recognized by industry

and recommended by graduates.


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