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Office of Anti-Racism

Office of Anti-Racism

The Office of Anti-Racism supports the university in its goals to foster anti-racism; strengthens awareness and understanding of race, racism and anti-racism among employees and students; and addresses systemic barriers to full participation in the Kwantlen Polytechnic University community.

We offer support and consultation services to committees, Faculties, departments, administrative units and senior leaders, and provide guidance on strategic planning processes and institution-wide initiatives. We welcome proposals for possible collaborative efforts from communities in which KPU operates and most of our resources will be available to post-secondary institutions across North America.

Fostering Racial Justice at KPU

The Office of Anti-Racism was created in 2022 as one the responses to the findings of KPU's Taskforce on Anti-Racism report, which found historic and ongoing racism exists within and beyond the institution, that it is systemic, and it negatively impacts all aspects of the university’s operations and activities. This racism is rooted in overlapping (or intersectional) systems of oppression, including white supremacy, capitalism and settler colonialism, that operates at individual, institutional and societal levels.

Racism does not impact all members of the KPU community the same way; its effects are eased and pained by numerous other factors, including gender, sexuality, ability, age, socioeconomic class, religion, culture, and language. For this reason, we use an intersectional lens when examining and addressing racism.

Anti-racism work needs to challenge the colonial context in which universities have historically operated and must be done in consultation with Indigenous communities and Elders. Also, racial justice initiatives need to pay attention to equity, diversity, and inclusion work and must be done in consultation with racialized communities.

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Office of Anti-Racism


Dr. Asma Sayed
Associate Vice-President, Anti-Racism