Peer Programs

peer programs

Peer Programs strive to improve the KPU student experience in areas like academics, careers, and personal development. These teams are structured, advised, and supported by KPU staff and faculty and offer a great opportunity to build your own skills and experience through training and experience while giving back to the campus community.

Peer Advising

Peer advisors assist KPU students with courses, programs, and academic policies Contact Educational Advising

Peer Coaching

Peer Coaches share successful practices, encourage students to reflect on their current practices and help them identify ways they can improve their learning and academic success Contact the Learning Centres

Peer Support

Peer Support advisors listen, support, empower, and promote inclusivity Contact Peer Support

Peer Tutoring

Principle duties include tutoring KPU students in writing, math, study strategies or content areas to help them become more effective learners Contact the Learning Centres