Physics 1100 Online offerings

Physics Lab

The physics department is now offering Phys 1100 labs online. Check the calendar to see if this option is available. 

The labs are at the same difficulty level and take the same amount of time as the face-to-face sections. You may want to register for this section if:

  • You have a computer that meets the requirements (see below)
  • You like to work at home (or wherever you have access to that computer)
  • You prefer to work at your own pace without the time constraints of face-to-face labs
  • You are independent enough to work without a partner
  • You are self-motivated

Technical requirements include:

  • Home labs will use IOLab Wireless Lab Systems, to be supplied by KPU (students can borrow them from the library for the entire semester). 
  • Students will require a Windows or Mac computer capable of running the IOLab software, available through
  • Please review the requirements listed and make sure you can download, install and run this software.