Video Introductions for Phys 1102-1120 Labs - RICHMOND

If your lab instructor has asked you to watch these introductory videos, then you are required to do so for each experiment before the lab period begins.

If you do not watch the video, you may be required to work alone that week, since it is not fair to your partner if they are prepared for the experiment but you are not.

Please note that most of the videos are too long to watch in the break between classes, so it's recommended that you not wait until the last minute. Also note that the lab computers do not have speakers, so if you wish to watch the videos on the school computers, please remember to bring a set of headphones.

Phys 1102-1120 Video Introductions - Richmond


Introduction to the Phys 1102-1220 Labs

02 Thin Lenses

Intro Video: Thin Lenses

01 Prism Spectrometer

Video: How to find the angle of minimum deviation for the prism spectrometer

Intro Video: The Prism Spectrometer

03 Grating Spectrometer

Intro Video: The Grating Spectrometer

04 Michelson Interferometer

Intro Video: The Michelson Interferometer

08 Resistances in Black Boxes

Intro Video: Resistances in Black Boxes

07 IV Characteristics

Intro Video: IV Characteristics

09 DC Circuits

Intro Video: DC Circuits

10 Introduction to the Oscilloscope and the RC Time Constant

Video: Oscilloscope Tutorial

Intro Video: Introduction to the Oscilloscope and the RC Time Constant

12 Determination of e/m

Intro Video: Determination of e/m

13 Current Balance

Intro Video: The Current Balance