Video Introductions for Phys 1100 Labs - SURREY

If your lab instructor has asked you to watch these introductory videos, then you are required to do so for each experiment before the lab period begins.

After watching the video, please fill in the "Video Completion Form", which is a short questionnaire that shows your lab instructor that you have understood the video. For convenience, a link to the Video Completion Form is also provided in the description below each video on the YouTube channel.

There are usually bonus marks associated with filling in your Video Completion Form! Also, if you do not complete the form, your lab instructor may ask you to work alone that week on the assumption that you have not watched the video and thus are not as well-prepared for the experiment as your lab partners.

Please note that most of the videos are too long to watch in the break between classes, so it's recommended that you not wait until the last minute to do so. Also note that the lab computers do not have speakers, so if you wish to watch the videos on the school computers, please remember to bring a set of headphones.

PHYS 1100 Video Intros and Completion Forms


Introduction to the Phys 1100 Labs

Lab 1 - Uniform Motion

Lab 2 - Acceleration

Lab 3 - Projectiles

Lab 4 - Circular Motion

Lab 5 - Newton's Laws

Lab 6 - Free Body Diagrams

Lab 7 - Momentum

Lab 8 - Energy (LAB EXAM)

Lab 9 - Electric Field

Lab 10 - Electrical Power Use in the Home

Lab 11 - Kirchhoff's Laws