AAPT Cincinnati, July 2017

Summer meeting of the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) in Cincinnati (actually across the river in Covington, Kentucky)

"Interactive" Poster presentation by T. Sato and J. Lang

Title: An Online Lab Section with IOLab and Remotely Operated Experiments

Abstract: We report on a pilot offering of an online lab section of PHYS 1100, a one-semester preparatory level, algebra-based course with separate classroom and lab components at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Canada. During the winter 2017 semester, one lab section was designated “online,” which students took in conjunction with a regular, on-campus class. The lab activities consist of seven experiments based on the IOLab and two experiments that are remotely operated through the internet, using the RWSL facility in partnership with North Island College. Topics parallel those in the on-campus labs. Each lab is preceded by a pre-lab assignment designed to equip students with theory, orientation, and analysis tools required for the experiment. Student lab reports are heavily guided early in the semester but become progressively freer in format, with a corresponding progression in student expectations. Student outcomes and lessons learned for continued implementation will be discussed.



IOLab replacement parts