Strategic Planning Task Force



Alan Davis, President, (SPTF Chair)
Anita Sangha, Co-op
Arzo Ansary, Student, KSA representative
Caroline Daniels, Systems Librarian
Carolyn Robertson, Faculty of Community and Health Studies
Christopher Girodat, Student, KSA representative
Gillian Dearle, English, KFA representative
Gordon Lee, VP Academic
Greg Harris, Biology, Science and Horticulture Faculty
Harpreet Bains, Alumni
Hayley Woodin, Student, Presidents Ambassadorial Team
Jane Fee, Associate VP Academic
Joel Murray, English Language Studies, Academic & Career Preparation Faculty
John Boylan, Manager. Student Awards & Financial Assistance
Kathleen Bigsby, Director of Office of Planning & Accountability
Mike Harris, Academic Advising, BCGEU representative
Paola Gavilanez, Interior Design, Design Faculty
Robert Wood, Business
Roger Cannon , Electrical, Trades and Technology Faculty
Ron Maggiore, Vice Provost, Students
Tally Wade, Public Safety & Communication, KFA representative
Tru Freeman, Dean of Community and Health Studies
Wade Deisman, Criminology, Arts Faculty

Support: Ariana Arguello,Manager of Strategic Planning and Queenie Cheng