Price Match Terms & Conditions

The fine print

  • Applies to textbooks that were purchased within 7 days of submitting a request for a price match.
  • Applies to the same ISBN, author, title and edition only.
  • Applies to items sold and shipped by (, Chapters Indigo ( or a Canadian University Bookstore website only.  Items from the Amazon Marketplace or other third party seller will not be price matched.
  • The textbooks must be in-stock and available for immediate purchasing and shipping from our competitors.
  • Applicable sales tax and shipping costs will be included in calculating the total cost of the textbook(s).
  • KPU Bookstore will only Price Match to our cost of the Books.  KPU Bookstore reserves the right not to Price Match below our cost.
  • Limit one price match per customer per textbook with the same ISBN.
  • Used textbooks, International editions, instructor copies and digital version purchases are excluded.
  • Class or lecture notes are excluded.
  • KPU Bookstore reserves the right to amend the details of this offer without notice, and to refuse a price match at any time.