PSYC 2322 Physical Challenge Lab: Caregiver Perspective

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PSYC 2322 Adult Development (deadline: please check your course outline)


Much Too Young
mer’s VR Lab

Download Much Too Young: MTV VR app (based on the documentary) onto your smart phone.  Please find the download link by clicking, "Virtual Reality", on the right top menu bar. 

If you have them, please insert your earphones.

If you cannot download the VR app, please watch the entire documentary:


In the app, there are four video clips that peak into the life of Moira, who is in the mid- to late stages of Alzheimer’s Disease, and her family who provide care.

Instructions: Watch the four video clips and answer the questions. You can borrow a VR headset from Surrey or Richmond Psychology Lab. 

There are two set of questions, if you use VR app, please answer questions 1-9. If you watch the video online (not using the VR headset), please answer questions 8-11. Thank you.       


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