Mind and Body

Take 30 - Mindful Yoga and Meditation (60 min)

May 4 - July 29, 2016

Discover all the benefits of mindfulness in this combined class designed to create mind-body awareness. The first 30 min. practice is gentle slow-paced class that focuses relaxation and decreasing tension through deep stretches with slow breaths. Directly following is a guided meditation practice, designed for beginners and those wanting to improve their meditation practice.  Mindfulness can improve our concentration, regulate our mood and increase our compassion for self and others. With regular practice, mindfulness has been shown to have many physical and psychological benefits, including reducing panic attacks, excessive worry and extreme shyness, managing chronic pain, recovering from depression, and lowering blood pressure and heart rate.

  • Sessions are open to all KPU Staff and Students for free.  REGISTER HERE

  • Drop-in basis - no registration or commitment required.

KPU Surrey - Main 160 Wednesdays 12:00 - 1:00PM
KPU Richmond - Rm 1320 (Studio) Fridays 12:00 - 1:00PM
KPU Langley - Rm 1010 Fridays 12:00 - 1:00PM

Yoga - Basic Yoga

A gentle yoga class that covers the basics and provides excellent conditioning for the body, breath and mind. this is ideal for beginners and those looking to reconnect to the fundamentals of yoga. Offered at Surrey, Langley & Richmond Campus

Yes! Yoga Cardio Mix 

Say YES! to all the benefits of yoga combined with dynamic, cardio sets in this energizing and faster-paced "yoga-fit" class inspired by Kundalini yoga.  Set to uplifting music, this class starts with a gentle warm-up and moves into more energetic  movement sequences, including a self-paced, upbeat cardio section and rounding out with abdominal core work, easing into meditation and deep relaxation.  This class will strengthen, stretch, tone and relax your entire body while increasing your metabolism, stamina and overall fitness as you release deeply held tensions and stress, bringing you more balance and peace to heart and mind.  All levels welcome!  No prior yoga experience required. Offered at the Richmond Campus.

Yoga Flow

A flowing sequence of postures that synchronizes the breath with movement. This invigorating practise has a strong foundation in Vinyasa with a focus on core strength, breath awareness and key alignment principles. Sequences include standing, balancing, seated, twisting and inverted postures that will keep your yoga practise fresh and lively. Please note that this is a class recommended for intermediate participants. Offered on Surrey & Richmond Campus.

Relaxation Yoga

Exploring the body's subtle energies with long, deep stretching that focuses on the connective tissues of the body, release stress and tension throughout the entire body, creating structural and mental balance. This cultivates a peaceful and meditative mind. Ideal for all levels. Offered on Richmond Campus.