Spring 2019 Timetable - Arts (ARTS)


ARTS 1100 Experiencing the Arts (Cr: 3)




CRN       SECTION   TYPE             DATES            DAYS     START END   BUILDING            ROOM      INSTRUCTOR
13116     S10       Class            03/Jan - 06/Apr      R    1000  1250  Surrey, Fir         240       Norman, Nancy
The special topic for this course will be “Inclusion”. Student will develop an understanding of historic and current perspectives on inclus ion, as well as explore cultural contexts in terms of the "right to belong". This course section has ZERO TEXTBOOK COSTS. For information about programs that yo u can complete with zero required textbook costs, visit ZedCred. 5 seats reserved for "Including All Citiz ens" Project. Reserves will not be lifted.
(Note: There will be a field trip included in this course).


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