University Preparatory


University Preparatory

The following courses are at a University preparatory level and do not qualify as credits for an undergraduate student loan. Please check with Student Awards and Financial Assistance for information on other student assistance programs. 

You will find the individual sections listed in the Timetable under their respective discipline and under the subject headings noted within the online self service system. 

Adult Basic Education
Heading: Adult Basic Education English

  • ABEE 0091  Provincial Level English (English 12) (Cr:3)

      Heading: English Qualifying

      • ENGQ 1097 Writing Skills- Focus: Sentences (Cr:3) 
      • ENGQ 1098 Writing Skills- Focus: Paragraphs (Cr:3)
      • ENGQ 1099 Writing Skills with Readings (Cr:3)

      Heading: Mathematics Qualifying