Summer 2014 Timetable - Interdisciplinary Expressive Arts (IDEA)

IDEA 3100 Interdiscip. Expressive Arts 1 (Cr: 3)

Prerequisites: 30 credit of 1100-level or higher courses NOTE: Students may earn credits for only one of IDEA 3100 and CUST 3100, as they are the same course.




CRN       SECTION   TYPE             DATES            DAYS     START END   BUILDING            ROOM      INSTRUCTOR
20405     S10       Class            05/May - 07/May   MTW     1600  1850  Surrey, Fir         120       Gagne, Lucie
                    Class            08/May - 23/May            -     -    Off Campus                    Gagne, Lucie
                    Class            05/Jun - 19/Jun      R    1600  1850  Surrey, Fir         120       Gagne, Lucie
IDEA S10 is limited to Amazon Interdisciplinary Field School participants.
Mandatory additional fees for this course: $2,450
Thi s section is crosslisted with DESN 2001. Students may only receive credit for one of DESN 2001 or IDEA 3100.
This is a Summer Session 1 course: May 5 to J un 20.
2014-04-15: Changed to Surrey Campus