Summer 2015 Timetable - Arts (ARTS)

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ARTS 3000 Amazon Field School (Cr: 6)

Prerequisites: 30 credits of 1100-level courses or higher, or permission of instructor Note: Students may earn credit for only one of DESN 3000 or ARTS 3000 as they are identical courses.




CRN       SECTION   TYPE             DATES            DAYS     START END   BUILDING            ROOM      INSTRUCTOR
20874     R10       Class            11/May - 17/Aug            -     -     -                   -        TBA
                    Field School     22/May - 06/Jun            -     -    Off Campus                    TBA
Restricted to students accepted into the Amazon Field School program. Offsite sessions will be 120 hours of a combination of field experience and classroom. The exact travel dates are subject to changes in airline schedule.
Students will attend 60 hours of classes before and after travel, possibly at the Surrey campus. The program will contact students prior to the start of semester with class/time information. Students must be nineteen years or older at the start of the course. Published fee of $2,500.00