Summer 2015 Timetable - Chemistry Qualifying (CHEQ)

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Students are expected to meet all course prerequisites and co-requisites as listed below. Waivers may be requested if you can clearly demonstrate that you have the equivalent skills and knowledge. Students are responsible for completing the "Permission to Register" form and presenting it to the appropriate person, listed below, for signature.

Inquiries regarding prerequisite waivers for all Chemistry courses may be directed to Please note that the Chemistry Department does not normally grant waivers to students who have fallen short of required course prerequisite standards.


CHEQ 1094 Prep. for General Chemistry (Cr: 4)

Prerequisites: One of: Foundations of Mathematics and Pre-Calculus 10, Mathematics 10, ABEM 0010, MATQ 0010, MATQ 1089, or any higher level of Mathematics
Corequisites: One of: MATH 1012, MATQ 1093, MATH 1093, MATQ 0011, MATQ 1094, MATH 1117, MATQ 1099, ABEM 0011, MATP 1011, Pre-Calculus 11, Principles of Mathematics 11 or any higher level of Mathematics




CRN       SECTION   TYPE             DATES            DAYS     START END   BUILDING            ROOM      INSTRUCTOR
20139     S10       Class            11/May - 17/Aug   M W     1000  1150  Surrey, Fir         336       Popoff, Richard
                    Lab              11/May - 17/Aug   M       1200  1350  Surrey, Spruce      110       Popoff, Richard
                    Final exam       24/Aug - 24/Aug   M       0800  1100  Surrey, Fir         336       Popoff, Richard
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