Design Solutions

design solutions

KPU seeks solutions to complex human problems in a creative and innovative way. KPU has an established reputation for creative, practical and scholarly contributions to the social and cultural fabric of our communities.

The Chip and Shannon Wilson School of Design is committed to educating design leaders who can ethically transform diverse ideas, produce technology for innovation, and engage with design communities locally and globally. Design Solutions is being addressed at KPU in several disciplines and from a number of interdisciplinary perspectives including scholars and artists with strengths in fine arts, music, creative writing, journalism, and interdisciplinary expressive arts. The Design Research Network based out of the Wilson School of Design provides faculty, students, and industry the opportunity to engage in the process of disruptive design thinking, creative exploration, idea transformation, strategic discovery, interdisciplinary co-investigation, and transformative enterprise.

Areas of research focus include real-world sustainable product design, technical apparel, topology optimization, and upcycling of waste materials.