Resources Planning Project: KPU's Operating Context 2014

Key Trends


  • Government operating grants are declining
  • No growth is projected for the 15 – 24 age group in our region through 2028
  • Almost 2/3 of KPU students take fewer than 12 credits each term
  • Almost ¾ of KPU students say that location is a major influence on their decision to attend KPU and over ¾ of KPU students say that program is a major influence; this is a change from a few years ago when location greatly outweighed all other factors
  • The proportion of KPU students whose parents have postsecondary education is stable at just over 60%; this reflects the education level of all adults aged 25 or older in the KPU region
  • 90% of KPU students would enroll here again
  • Over the past few years, there has been a steady increase in enrolments in the summer term, driven by international student increases


Population Projection

High School Transitions

3 Student Headcount

4 Student Credential


5 Enrolement By Campus


Con 1.7 2


KPU Mobility

7 KPU Mobility


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