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KPU Retirees Association

The KPU Retirees Association is an incorporated Society in British Columbia.

Virtual Annual General Meeting
April 13th to 15th, 2021 Online – All voting concludes by Sunday 18 April 2021


KPURA Society

Business Meeting

Begins Tuesday 13 April based on materials sent to all Full Members on April 9
Please Email comments using “Reply” by end of 13 April
All comments will be compiled and circulated.

Member voting via Doodle begins Wednesday 14 April and ends Friday 16 April at noon

  1. Approval of the Agenda (this will be re-sent Monday 12 April to all voting members)
  • Approval moved by Roger Elmes Seconded by Sandra Carpenter
  • Email comments must be received by end of Tuesday 13 April
  1. Approval of 2020 AGM Minutes (attachment will be sent Monday 12 April)
  • Approval moved by Alice Macpherson Seconded by Geoff Dean
  • Email comments must be received by end of Tuesday 13 April
  1. Approval of 2020 Reports (attachments will be sent Monday 12 April):
  1. Treasurer’s Report: (Roger Elmes)
  • Approval moved by Roger Elmes Seconded by Carol Barnett
  • Email comments must be received by end of Tuesday 13 April
  1. Secretary’s Report: (Alice Macpherson)
  • Approval moved by Alice Macpherson Seconded by Geoff Dean
  • Email comments must be received by end of Tuesday 13 April
  1. Grouped Reports:
  • Approval moved by Carol Barnett Seconded by Roger Elmes
  • Email comments must be received by end of Tuesday 13 April
    1. Chair’s Report (Carol Barnett)
    2. Memorandum of Agreement with KPU – Report (Carol Barnett and Geoff Dean)
    3. Events Report (Sooz Klinkhamer)
    4. Advocacy Report (Geoff Dean)
    5. Newsletter Report (Alice Macpherson)
    6. Website Report (Alice Macpherson)

KPURA Governance – Board of Directors

Open Tuesday 13 April
Nominations for two vacant Board positions will be accepted until Thursday 15 April at 8:00 pm

If required, ballots will be sent to Members on Friday 16 April
Voting ends on Sunday 18 April at 8:00 pm

Directors are elected for two-year terms.
Officers are appointed at the May Board of Directors Meeting by the Directors.
There are four officer positions: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. There are three Directors at Large.

Nominations for Board of Directors positions.

Nominations for Board of Directors positions are now open. You can find nomination forms at:

Currently nominated for six vacancies:

  • Sandra Carpenter
  • Geoff Dean
  • Roger Elmes
  • Alice Macpherson
  • Bob Perkins
  • Yale Shap

Nominations must be received by April 14th. Voting will commence April 16 and conclude on April 18


Presentations Theme: Future of Post-Secondary Education

via Zoom on Thursday 15 April from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. Please register by email to for the link

Introduction by KPU President Alan Davis
Impact of the Future of Post-Secondary Education on KPU
By Dr. Sandy Vanderburgh, KPU Provost and Vice President Academic

Dr. Sandy Vanderburgh is the provost and vice-president, academic of Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU). Sandy is responsible for the academic direction and stewardship of KPU’s programs. Reporting to the KPU president, he has a mandate to facilitate exceptional learning experiences for KPU students by providing leadership in the development and implementation of a comprehensive education plan that is relevant to students' needs as well as KPU's external communities. (

Dr. Vanderburgh will speak at the KPURA 2021 AGM on 15 April at 10 AM for a half hour or so on the future of post-secondary education and the impact of that future on KPU. There will be a short Q and A to follow.

The Economic Necessity: Education
By Anita Huberman, Surrey Board of Trade

Anita Huberman has been the CEO of the Board of Trade for one of the largest cities in Canada for the past 13 years. As the only South Asian woman to ever fill this role, her business knowledge and acumen required her to be par excellence to do what’s right for those that she represents. Working tirelessly to make Surrey a prosperous place in which to live, learn, work and do business, Anita is a champion with a lot on the go. She guides a staff of ten who work as a cohesive unit on often complicated issues involving investments, business development, government policies and initiatives, board governance, operations and events for over 6,000 members. She is also an Honorary Navy Captain and active in many aspects of civic life.

Anita Huberman will spreak on the ways that education is an economic necessity in our society and the impact on our region. After this talk there will be time for questions and commentary.

These presentations will be recorded and available for viewing for those that cannot attend the zoom meeting.
The video links will be found at  approximately 24 hours after the events. You will be able to locate the links by scrolling down within the 2021 Annual General Meeting Agenda.

These presentations are open and free to attend.
If you would like to attend, please send an email with the subject line “Future of PS Education” to and we will send you the link two (2) days before the session.

AGM Adjournment

Sunday 18 April, at 8:00 pm concludes the KPURA Annual General Meeting.

  • Approval moved by Carol Barnett Seconded by Geoff Dean


We invite KPU retirees to join our association, either as a Full Member of Associate Member.
Application for Full Membership, and Application for Associate Membership


On August 17, 2016 Dr. Alan Davis President of Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) initiated a consultation process to explore the potential of forming a retirees’ association at the university. A preliminary report was completed on 31 August and circulated for discussion with KPU administrators, and representatives of the bargaining units. This report presented a number of preliminary findings about retirees associations. Over 16,000 retirees of Canada’s colleges and universities are members of such associations sharing goals, activities and events with their colleagues. Retirees Associations have existed in Canada’s colleges and universities since 1985 (McMaster and Memorial). Today, the 41 member associations of the national organization of university and college retirees encompass some 15,000 individuals and almost 80% of the associations welcome all groups of university retirees as members. The equivalent national association in the USA encompasses even more individuals and universities. Thus, there are numerous examples of structures; missions, objectives and goals; activities and events; and benefits to universities and their retirees.

During September and early October, a number of meetings were held while more detailed information was sought from respondent retirees association in Canada’s degree-granting universities and colleges. The interim report, submitted on 10 October, presents evidence of the potential benefits that a strong and active retirees association would bring to KPU and its retirees. It presents 4 major benefits enjoyed by host institutions like KPU: financial; helping the transition to retirement which can create financial benefits for the institution and the retirees; advocacy on behalf of the university; and enhancing the university’s reputation.

It also examines the 10 major benefits enjoyed by retirees including maintaining friendships and creating new ones; social activities; the exchange of information; intellectual engagement; ongoing support to the university; and representation of their interests as retirees. Research shows that 10 major benefits are enjoyed by members including maintaining friendships and creating new ones; social/fun activities; the exchange of information; intellectual engagement; representation of their interests as retirees; and ongoing support from and to the university.

The data gathered from 50 associations across Canada is summarized in 11 pages and detailed institution-level information is provided in Excel spreadsheets. Four major categories are covered: General (membership and dues, legal status, university support, office and meeting space); Mission, Objectives and Goals; Activities and Events; and Non-Pension Benefits. The complete report is available here.

The Newsletter Committee has published eleven newsletters of activities by KPU Retirees.
They can all be found here:

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