Career and Post-Credential Opportunities

Current labour market studies and data show that graduates possessing analytic, computational, and problem solving skills are in increasingly high demand and that careers suitable for those with a Bachelors in Applied Mathematics rank among the top jobs when considering income and working conditions.


KPU’s undergraduate program in Biomathematics is one of the first offered in Canada.
Recent developments in the complexity of Biology have led to greater reliance on mathematics and computation. Biomathematics graduates can expect to be in very high demand given the tremendous growth the field of Biomathematics is experiencing. Graduates will be well-prepared for any number of career paths which require applying mathematical techniques, modelling, and computational tools to address problems that arise in biology, ecology, health care, pharmaceuticals, and related fields. Fast emerging industries such as biotechnology, engineering technology, clean energy and hydrogen and fuel cell technology, and biomedical engineering also require a strong applied mathematics education. Graduates wishing to pursue further education in health sciences fields, will also be well-prepared to apply for professional programs such as medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, pharmacy, physiotherapy, chiropractic medicine and nursing.

Computational Mathematics

The Computational Mathematics concentration includes many of the same courses as the Biomathematics concentration, but without the biological emphasis. Grounded in computer science, mathematical computing and applied mathematical modelling, computational students also have sufficient freedom and flexibility to add courses in another science, business, finance and economics, or social sciences. The diversity of options available creates a wide range of career paths for which computational mathematics graduates can apply analytic and computational skills and tools in their field of interest. For example, if business, finance or economics is chosen as a background discipline, graduates will be well-prepared for positions involving financial analysis, econometrics, operations research, management science and decision-theory. Business, the social sciences, and politics are especially requiring mathematical modelling and computation professionals to determine ‘planning and decision-making strategies and outcomes’ in order to operate effectively and competitively.

The Computational Mathematics and Biomathmatics concentrations will prepare the student to enter a career in industry, government, or business immediately upon graduation in areas as diverse as operations research, management science, software development, computational biology, risk management, technical writing and financial analysis.

Other emerging fields and high tech industry for which applied mathematicians will be most in-demand and have top jobs are in Bioinformatics, Data Mining, Materials Science, Computer Animation and Digital Imaging, Aerospace, Cryptography, Criminology, Finance and Economics, ‘Ecology, Epidemiology, and Environmental Issues’, and Climatology.

Mathematics Education

Mathematics Education graduates interested in a teaching career at the elementary or secondary mathematics level will be academically prepared to apply for admission to a teacher training program (which is required in order to teach in B.C.). The Mathematics Education concentration at KPU is highly innovative, drawing from education, psychology, and mathematics courses which provide students with a solid core of mathematics combined with education theory, mathematics education theory as well as an educational practice course which gives students a chance to experience supervised educational practice of what they are learning. The concentrations’ theoretic focus, applied focus and ‘hands on’ supervised practical experience academically prepares KPU mathematics graduates to be excellent candidates for Post Baccalaureate Secondary or Elementary Education Programs offered at British Columbia Universities.

Teachers of mathematics are amongst teachers in greatest demand as there is a perennial shortage of well-trained mathematics teachers. Future job growth is also expected as many who have been in the profession will be retiring in the next few years. Secondary teachers specializing in advanced mathematics, physics and chemistry are projected to be in highest demand. KPU Mathematics Education graduates will have a breadth of knowledge in science having taken physics, biology, and computer science courses.

Post Credential Education

The degree program has been designed to ladder up to post-credential continuation of education at other institutions and opens a vast area of opportunities for further study.

Students graduating with an Honours Degree in Applications of Mathematics will be well-prepared to apply for graduate studies in applied mathematics, biomathematics, computational mathematics, or in related disciplines such as statistics and computer science.

Students with a Major in Applications of Mathematics may be required to complete additional qualifying courses before proceeding to graduate studies or/and pursue further study in mathematics-oriented areas of science and technology such as statistics, computer science and engineering technologies.

The degree will also prepare students to apply to professional schools, in fields such as architecture, medicine, law, business, economics, and finance as such schools value the critical thinking and problem solving skills developed and enhanced by the study of mathematics.

For more detailed information, check the Full Program Proposal.