Mathematics Assistance Centre


The primary purpose of the MAC on the Surrey campus is to help students entering post secondary math courses to get beyond the bumps and potholes that sometimes make for a rocky transition to university mathematics. We are unfortunately not able to open a MAC in Richmond or Langley this year. We will be offering extra help for Surrey precalculus students by providing weekly labs where they will be able to work through problems with the assistance of a mathematics faculty member. We expect that the operation of the MAC will evolve with time and we hope to add extra structured assistance for our precalculus and calculus courses.

Surrey Southeast corner of the first floor of the library

Details for Math 1112 students
You can drop into the Math Assistance Centre to write your assignment when it is open. Because we expect each assignment to take an hour-and-a-half or two hours, you will not be allowed to sign in less than an hour before closing. Sign in at the desk, get the lab, and take a seat in the MAC. Math Assistance Centre faculty will be available to help and guide you in doing the assignment. When you have finished, hand the assignment to one of the faculty members. It will be graded, and the grade sent to your Math 1112 instructor at the end of the week. The assignments will be weekly, except when your instructor has informed the MAC that there is no assignment. The MAC assignments will be worth a total of 10% of your course grade.

Algebra Help Book
If you need help with your algebra, here are some worked examples, with explanations!

Contact Information

Phone 604.599.2901