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Astr 1100

  • No extra materials

Phys 1100

Phys 1101-1120

Phys 1101 & Phys 1120 - Example Spreadsheets

  • Below are PDFs of spreadsheets with (fake) example data entered into them in red. After creating your own spreadsheets for the labs, use these data to check whether you have typed your formulae correctly. You should be able to reproduce the calculated values in black.
  • Caveat:, These spreadsheets were created in August 2010, and although they have been checked carefully, there is still the possibility that typos remain in them. If you are unable to reproduce one of the answers, ask your lab instructor to help check your calculations.

 Expt 1

 Expt 2

 Expt 3

 Expt 4


 Expt 5


(2 pages)

 Expt 6

 (2 pages)

 Expt 7

(2 pages)

 Expt 8

 Expt 9

 Expt 10



Phys 1101 & Phys 1120 - Prelabs

  • No scrap paper is allowed in the lab. All work is to be done in your notebooks.
  • Prelabs must be done before the lab. You will not be allowed into the lab until you show the completed work to the instructor. No extra time will be allotted for the time you miss.
  • Prelabs should not be left to the last minute - some are quite lengthy.
Expt 2 - Prelab - Uniform Circular Motion
Expt 3 - Prelab - Simple Pendulum
Expt 5 - Prelab - Moment of Inertia
Expt 6 - Prelab - Collisions
Expt 8 - Prelab - Resonance of a String

Expt 9 - Prelab - Canimals

Phys 1102 & Phys 1220

Demo Video: How to find the angle of minimum deviation for the prism spectrometer