Contribution to Campus Life Award

Awarded to a student who has demonstrated an outstanding contribution to KPU campus life while also maintaining a good academic standard; who has served during the academic year for which the award is being granted (including the prior summer) in a volunteer leadership position at KPU (students are required to submit a statement which supports this aspect of the award); and who has contributed to KPU student life in an "above and beyond" manner.  Contributions may be in the context of on-going positions and/or a combination of shorter-term positions. In exceptional cases, the award selection committee may decide to vary the amount awarded.

Award Criteria:

  1. Students must be enrolled in the Spring semester in which the award is granted and have been enrolled in KPU classes during the period of volunteer contribution.
  2. Good academic standing and a minimum CGPA of 2.0
  3. Demonstrated volunteer leadership at KPU.


Students can submit applications with the required supporting documentation at the link below. The deadline for applications is February 21, 2019. Applications are adjudicated by the Student Leadership Awards Selection Committee and will be presented at the Annual Awards Celebration in April/May 2019.

Supporting Documentation

Students must submit documentation supporting their online application. Documents may include faculty/department references or volunteer/community involvement references or any other material the applicant feels is relevant to their application. Refer to the Profile Selection page of the application for further details.

Supporting documentation must be hand delivered or mailed to Student Awards and Financial Assistance on any KPU campus, on or before the posted deadline. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please submit duplicates as original documents will not be returned to students.


  • Tell us your story. Who are you? Why did you choose to contribute in this way? What were your responsibilities? What did you learn from the experience? How will you take this learning forward?
  • Try to quantify your contribution as much as possible. How many hours did you contribute? Over what time period?
  •  Include verification of your contribution which also verifies some of the details above. This verification might be a Volunteer Record or a Letter of Reference from the person you directly reported to.
  • Apply for the KPU General In-Course Awards as well!