Advice from Students

Advice: How did they do it?

...or how did they wish they'd started out:

Student Advice

This is what I would do if I could start over:

  • Choose my courses more wisely. I would have researched better what courses I should take to that count towards my AA psych.
  • Go to as many program info sessions as I could.
  • Keep on my readings, when I fell behind it was harder to catch up. Also, meet people and study with them.
  • Talk to a counsellor earlier and attempt more workshops.
  • Do my absolute best in every class even if I didn't enjoy it.
  • Definitely concentrate more on the class lectures; it narrows down the amount of work to be covered in the text book. 
  • Make a semester schedule, study constructively, do all assignments on time, prepare well for all exams in advance.
  • I wouldn't take 5 courses at once.
  • Study daily and don't leave things till the end.
  • Seek the assistance of instructors whenever I had a question or difficulty understanding any material or concepts as much as possible, because they can really help.
  • Visit the Learning Centre for help; never hesitate to ask for help. Use all the resources available around the campus.
  • Increase my overall English skills. Consider the English 1099 course, and purchase a good writing skills text such as Lynn Troyka's Handbook for Writers.