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Costa Rica Global Learning Programs (CR GLP), Costa Rica

Program dates:

Fall: September 5, 2022 to October 31, 2022
Deadline to apply: August 22, 2022 

Spring: January 9, 2023 to March 6, 2023
Deadline to apply: September 22, 2022 

What: Internship Work Experience + Costa Rican Culture and Spanish Language Lessons 

  • 8-week mentorship program with 10-15 hours per week of work (unpaid, but valuable work experience).
  • Introduction to Costa Rica culture, weekly workshops and cultural experiences.
  • Spanish classes every week with a native speaker.
  • Support and guidance throughout the adaptive internship based on student interests and requests. 
  • Informative onboarding week with tips for remote work, management skills, and cross-cultural comunication. 

Kinds of projects (ask for a more detailed list on the placement opportunities):   

  • Health care (community outreach, research, marketing, fundraising, social work, and/or patient education)  
  • Tourism/Business Administration & Marketing (researching best practices in tourism and business; presenting innovations; business administration; website design; culinary design; sales; tourism; digital marketing; and/or strategic social media design and operations)    
  • Design/Fashion/Graphic Design  (fashion from Costa Rica, business, marketing, design, and web design). 
  • Education (English teaching, skills development, and cultural lessons)
  • Nonprofit work with animals, community, and/or children's centers (community outreach, community events, fundraising, education, and social media). 

Where: Online. More information is on CR GLP's website (please apply through KPU as a KPU student by emailing

Credits: NONE. This is a non-academic study program.  

Cost: USD $800(around $1030 CA)//8 weeks of the program 

  • The fee goes towards the administration, language and cultural lessons, and mentorship. 

You are able to apply for funding and scholarship awards to cover these fees. Successful applicants were able to receiving funding and participate with the full program fees covered. 

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