Costa Rica Global Learning Programs (CR GLP), Costa Rica

Program dates:

Summer: May 6 2024 to July 1 , 2024 *
Deadline to apply: April 9, 2024

Fall: September 9, 2024 to November 6, 2023 *
Deadline to apply: June 15, 2024

Spring: January 9, 2025 to March 6, 2025 *
Deadline to apply: June 15, 2024

*Note: Program dates and deadlines may change.


  • 8-week mentorship program with 10-15 flexible hours per week of work (unpaid, but valuable work experience).
  • Introduction to Costa Rica culture, weekly workshops and cultural experiences.
  • Spanish classes every week with a native speaker.
  • Support and guidance throughout the adaptive internship based on student interests and requests. 
  • Informative onboarding week with tips for remote work, management skills, and cross-cultural communication. 
  • CRGLP is a member of the Climate Action Network for International Educators (CANIE) and this virtual internship program is a sustainable program fulffilling aims of the SDGS. 
  • Intercultural and inter-identity courses for career-critical soft skills. Read about the CulturaSkills course here.

Available placements:   

  • Health care (community outreach, research, marketing, fundraising, social work, and/or patient education)  
  • Tourism/Business Administration & Marketing (researching best practices in tourism and business; presenting innovations; business administration; website design; culinary design; sales; tourism; digital marketing; and/or strategic social media design and operations)    
  • Design/Fashion/Graphic Design  (fashion from Costa Rica, business, marketing, design, and web design). 
  • Education (English teaching, skills development, and cultural lessons)
  • Nonprofit work with animals, community, and/or children's centers (community outreach, community events, fundraising, education, and social media). 



NONE. This is a non-academic study program.  


  •  USD $800(around $1030 CA)//8 weeks of the program (discounted price when applying through KPU).
  • The fee goes towards all the administration and benefits of the program with workshops, expert advice in the field, mentorship, a certificate at the end and more.

You are able to apply for funding and scholarship awards to cover these fees. Successful applicants were able to receive funding and participate with the full program fees covered. 


 Please send all complete application documents to by the deadline. As long as all the documents are complete by the deadline and there are no concerns, students will be nominated and supported to move forward for the program.

  1. Book an advising appointment on Advisor Connect  
    - Select "Study Abroad" and "Sarah Burn" (the Outbound Study Abroad Coordinator). 
    - Select Location as "ONLINE". In person appointments are available on Surrey campus Mondays or Tuesdays. 
  2. Unofficial transcript. Go here here for a youtube tutorial on how to find and save your KPU transcript as a pdf. 
  3. Complete this : KPU Study Abroad Short Term Programs Application

  4. Have 1 Faculty Reference Form completed by a professor. Kindly ask your professor to email the reference before the deadline to*If you are applying for scholarships, 2 reference forms are needed.  
 *You are able to apply for funding and scholarship awards to cover fees. Application for the award is due at the same time as the opportunity. See Funding and Awards section for more information or email for details. 

For a successful scholarship application it is important that you:

1.      Read all the information carefully and complete all the requirements 
2.      Submit the application  KPU Study Abroad General Awards Application.pdf  and required documents in by the deadline to
3.      Email and meet with a Study Abroad Coordinator to confirm your plans and ask any questions


"Learning to communicate with people in another country was cool and something I didn't do before."  Overall Karan found the experience "5/5. Very interesting and a great learning experience for someone who is focused on getting experience to help find a job." During the program he "researched the company and competitors and customers, then created content, then newsletters, and launched their twitter account." "I wanted to gain experience in marketing to have on my resume and something I can leverage post-grad." ~ Karan, Bachelor of Business Administration and Marketing Management, Costa Rica Global Learning Programs marketing placement.

"I learned a lot just from interacting with the people from the program, the Spanish classes were great, I also learned a lot from my mentor on the inner workings of a hospital. This is something a student should experience at least once in their time at KPU. This was a fun, challenging, but very fulfilling experience that taught me a lot." ~Leila, Bachelor of  Science in Health Science. Costa Rica Global Learning Program, Casa de Soccoro placement .

“I believe that this program has greatly helped me realize my potential in the field of psychology and has motivated me to pursue the subject even further.” ~Partap, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Costa Rica Global Learning Program, ASONI placement.

“It’s been great! It has given me opportunities to be creative with my abilities and really challenge me. One of my projects right now is working on a way to help an organization gain more awareness for donors who interested in contributing. This is very helpful to understand because it has a lot to do with marketing while touching the hearts of the readers.”   ~Brian, Bachelor of Business Administration: Entrepreneurial Leadership. Costa Rica Global Learning Program, ASONI placement .

 “I learned a lot about Costa Rican Culture. Even though, it is virtual I am learning a lot, different types of food, the nature and its diversity this small country holds. As for my academic learning, I am learning the difference between what I have learned and how it differs in work culture.”    ~Pooja, Post Baccalaureate Diploma: Technical Management and Service. Costa Rica Global Learning Program, Illusion Travel placement . 

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