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Spring 2024 Virtual Global Learning

Toyo's Japanese Language Spring Program (Online) - February 2024

Program dates:

  • Spring 2024: February 19th 2024 - March 1st 2024

What: Online Cultural Experience + Japanese Language Lessons 

  • Immersive Japanese Intercultural Experience organized directly from our partner in Japan. 
  • 20 Japanese Language Classes for beginners covering listening, speaking, reading and writing (90 minutes/class)
  • Interactive classes with Japanese students, Topic Samples: "Getting to know each other", "Introducing your hometown", "Where do you want to go in Japan?", etc.
  • The Marugoto Starter A1 Textbook will be required in the course and participants will need to purchase it before the course starts
  • A Completion Certificate (at the end of program)

This program's target is for the ZERO beginner students. Accepted students will need to purchase a textbook and learn "Hirangana" and "Katakana" in advance before starting the program in August. Details on the textbook will be provided to accepted students.

Where: Online through Toyo University in Tokyo, Japan.

When: The exact schedule will be announced to participants.

  • Japan Standard Time: 1pm - 4:15pm
  • Pacific Standard Time: 9pm - 12:15am.
  • FYI Tokyo, Japan is 16 hours ahead of Vancouver, Canada. Therefore the start date is actually on February 18th, 2024 for those in PST. 

Credits: NONE. This is a non-academic study program.  

Cost: Approx. $450 CAD or 48,000 JPY to be paid by accepted students directly to the program provider by the end of June. 

  • You are able to apply for funding and scholarship awards to cover these fees. Successful applicants last year were able to receiving funding and participate with the full program fees covered. 
  • See Funding and Awards section for more information. 
  • Deadline for the award is the same as the program application: January 29th 2024. 

How to Apply: 

1. Application form: KPU Study Abroad Short Term Programs Application

Be sure to read all the information and complete all the sections.

2. Unofficial Transcript

Here is a youtube video of how to save your transcript from your OSS account as a pdf. Email in for your submission.

3. Reference(s): 


Email Sarah Burn at if you are interested and have any questions. 

Testimonial from KPU Program Participants in 2021 - 2023:

 1. Casey, Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology

"I learned a lot from the short program, and I now have a basis of the Japanese language I can continue to build on in the future. Another benefit was getting to know the other students in the program, who all came from different parts of the world and different cultures."

 2. Kodiak, Bachelor of Arts in Criminology

“I found this experience to be very beneficial to me, and it has helped shaped my career goals toward future endeavors.”

 3. Evelyn, Bachelor of Science in Nursing

“This experience was extremely fun. I had a lot of fun making friends with my fellow classmates as well as the students from Toyo University. In terms of how the program will benefit me, I have used a bit of what I have learned at work since no one else is able to speak Japanese… Learning a new language is difficult and we managed to learn to read, write, and speak Japanese in under two weeks which I find impressive.”

 4. Bhavneet Kaur, diploma in Accounting

"This experience has been one of the best experiences till now. I think I have grown as a person. I have developed so many useful habits and qualities. As I am doing a degree in Business, it is important that I can communicate with my employees and customers easily and make them feel understood. After doing this program I have developed communiccation skills." 

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