ePortfolio Matters at KPU

ePortfolio Matters at KPU

Facilitators: Gillian Sudlow and Lisa Gedak

Are you an eportfolio champion willing to share your expertise? Or are you curious about eportfolios, and how you might implement them in your course, program, or professional life? Do you have ideas, big or small, about how eportfolios might align with your course or program outcomes? Are you wary of the technical competencies required for yourself or your students? Do you want to learn more about eportfolio pedagogy and platforms? This Community of Practice is for you!  

Join other educators (eportfolio experts and muddlers) to share ideas and resources, work through challenges, build skills, and connect with PebblePad specialists. This will be a flexible Community of Practice that will support you regardless of where you are in your eportfolio learning – all are welcome! 

Meeting Dates

The schedule is scaffolded to allow participants to build foundational knowledge of eportfolio pedagogy and the PebblePad platform, connect with other practitioners at various levels of engagement; connect with implementation specialists from PebblePad, workshop ideas, and reflect on challenges and successes. A proposed schedule appears below:  

Online synchronous sessions on Fridays  

Session 1:  September 22, 2023 – 1:30-3:00 pm 
Session 2:  October 20, 2023 – 11:00 – 12:30 pm 
Session 3:  November 10, 2023 – 1:30 – 3:00 pm 
Session 4:  December 8, 2023 – 1:30-3:00 pm 
Session 5:  January 19, 2024 – 1:30-3:00 pm 

Each session will include a check-in/introduction (5-15 minutes), approximately 30 minutes of content offered by the facilitator/s and/or guest, and approximately 45 minutes for workshopping, small group discussion, and reflection related to the week’s topic. The workshopping and discussion portion of the session will be largely participant-driven. 

How to join this group

If you are interested in joining, please email Gillian Sudlow (gillian.sudlow@kpu.ca) and she will put you on the invite list! 

Past ePortfolio Matters at KPU Community of Practice

Facilitators: Gillian Sudlow and Paola Gavilanez
Online synchronous sessions on Fridays from 2-3:30
Session 1: October 21, 2022 - Folio Thinking and PebblePad (guest Dr. Melissa Shaquid Pirie from PebblePad)
Session 2: November 18, 2022 – Sharing Where We are At and Where We Want to Go
Session 3: December 9, 2022 – Implementation Strategies – Big and Small
Session 4: January 27, 2023 – Reflective Practice – Getting Below the Surface
Session 5: February 24, 2023 – Assessment Strategies and Atlas (guests:  Dr. Melissa Shaquid Pirie and Gail Ring)
Session 6: March 17, 2023 – Sharing and Wrap up