Generative AI Community of Practice

Facilitators: Craig Wright, Leeann Waddington 

The TL Commons is initiating a community of practice to bring together educators using or considering using gen AI in their courses with their students. It is our intention that this group will work together to develop knowledge, share use cases and inform KPU leadership decisions around gen AI tools, policies and processes. 

Everyone is welcome. 

Meeting Dates (Fridays, 12:00-1:00PM)

February 22, Arbutus 2400 (2nd floor library)
April 19, online
May 10, online
June 14, online
September 20, online
October 18, Arbutus 2400 (2nd floor library)
November 15, online

January 17, online
February 21, Arbutus 2400 (2nd floor library)
March 21, online
April 18, online
May 16, Arbutus 2400 (2nd floor library)
June 20, online

How to join this group

If you are interested in joining, please email Craig Wright,, and he will put you on the invite list!