Outcomes Based Approaches

Outcomes Based Approaches to Student Learning (OBASL)

What is OBASL? OBASL is simply an approach to programme and course design, teaching and learning that is focused on what the students are expected to learn and do (rather than on what the teacher expects to teach). The focus is on explicit statements of what students will be able to do at the end of a programme or course with clear statements of learning Outcomes, Teaching and Learning Activities (how students will learn) and Assessment Procedures and Standards (how we will know the students have achieved the desired outcome). OBASL courses and Programmes are designed to better inform the students of what and how they will learn; this has been shown to lead to higher quality learning outcomes.

What is constructive alignment? Constructive alignment refers to the alignment of the learning activities and the learning assessment with the stated learning outcomes. Constructive alignment is a learning and teaching principle described by John Biggs (Teaching for Quality Learning at University, Third Edition. 2009. Biggs, J. and Tang, C.)

Enhancing your Programs and Courses through Aligned Learning Outcomes: a workshop facilitated by Liesel Knaack, Vancouver Island University, Feb. 25, 2015


Learning Outcomes for Experiential Learning...provid[ing] clear learning outcomes for the transformative learning experiences facilitated in [the] IDEA program...
Ross Laird, Thomas Carey, Tierney Wisniewski, Lucie Gagne, Lee Beavington and Diane Salter

IDEA Learning Outcomes