Shallah Panjwani, registered dietician: “The PREDE course taught by Dr. Carl Birmingham gave me a comprehensive understanding clinically and epidemiologically of the meaning of eating disorders and disordered eating. This course has allowed me to open private practice and specialize in the nutritional management and treatment of eating disorders. I strongly recommend this course to any health care professional looking to gain more expertise in the eating disorder and disordered eating arena.”

Jenny Maniacco, Woodstone Residence: “My experience in taking Dr. Birmingham’s course has been profound in helping me develop my nursing skills, specific to this population. I continue to utilize the resources provided to help guide my practice. I particularly enjoyed the video components incorporated in the course material, as it gave me the sense of a classroom feel, was motivating and put a face to the name of this world-renowned expert.”

Judith Arthur, registered dietician: "This course beautifully blends the art and science of understanding the biological and psychosocial factors that contribute to the development of eating disorders. It provides an evidence-based approach for preventing, identifying, and providing collaborative interventions for clients struggling with disordered eating and eating disorders. As a registered dietitian and prospective therapist, I highly recommend this course for the professional development of clinicians."      

Laurie Chiasson: I was interested in changing my career path.  I wanted to work in a community setting providing support and assistance to people dealing with eating disorders and their families.  I did some research into entering the field, employment options and tried to secure a volunteer position and/or a practicum placement in the industry.  I ran into a lot of closed doors, but I did find a Social Worker that recommended I take Dr. Birmingham’s course “Prevention and Treatment of Eating Disorders” at KPU.  The course was invaluable to me in so many ways.  I really appreciated the formative learning style and ease of connection with Dr. Birmingham on line throughout the course.  Not only did the course help me acquire the knowledge I was looking for, it has challenged me to learn more and inspired me to start my own Recreation Therapy practice in the area of prevention and treatment of eating disorders.

Below: Laurie with Dr. Birmingham  

Dr. Birmingham & Student