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Sample Tests


Sample Placement Tests

English as a Second Language Assessment

 ELS Test Information and Test Demos

English Placement Test (EPT)

Due to copyright issues, we are no longer able to post a sample of the EPT test. 

Please click onto the above EPT link for information regarding the content of the test. 

Test Format:

Part I:  Prose Passage Summary
Students are asked to read a short prose passage and to summarize its main points in a paragraph of (125-150) words.

Part II:  Essay Response
Students are asked to write a well-developed essay of approximately three hundred (300) words on one of two (2) possible topics. 

These topics are related to the subject of the prose passage.

The types of errors you made in the placement test are indicated in the list below.



accuracy of summary




verb tense


essay structure


parallel structure


verb form


essay content


sentence structure










modifier problems




singular & plural forms


pronoun reference


idiom (word usage)


word form


run on, comma splice


diction (word choice)



ACP Personalized English Test

This test is an individualized assessment based on English skills.  The key components are a Canadian Reading Comprehension Assessment with the level determined by reading a graded word list and an informal interview with a faculty member, followed by a writing sample.  When the assessment is completed, a faculty member will discuss the results, and make a course placement decision, and provide as much support as is needed to register for the required courses.


 For more details about the test, please click on the following link:

ACP Math Assessment

 For more details about the test, please click on the following link:

The following documents are sample assessments:

Microsoft Office document icon ABE Algebra Sample Assessment.doc

Microsoft Office document icon ABE Arithmetic Sample Assessment.doc

Math Placement Test (MPT)
Sample MPT Questions

Vocational Trades Math Assessment
Sample (printable) Vocational Trades Math Assessment   

Drafting (CADD) Math Test
Sample Drafting Test