Universidad del Valle de Atemajac


Mexico with Eight campus locations: 

  • Jalisco: Guadalajara Campus, Puerto Vallarta Campus, Lagos de Moreno Campus
  • Michoacan: La Piedad Campus, Zamora Campus
  • Guanajuato: León Campus
  • Queretaro Camp
  • Colima Campus
Field of Study:Creative Writing; Criminology; Journalism; Languages and Culture; Philosophy; Political Science; Psychology; Sociology; Chemistry; Physics; Mathematics; Economics; Accounting; Entrepreneurial Leadership; Human Resources; Marketing; Health Science; Graphic Design and Communications; Interior design / architecture; Engineering; Computer Information Systems; Product Design and Technology.
Language of Instruction:Spanish
Semester Dates:

Semester 1: September - December
Semester 2: January - April

Link to Academic Calender: NA

KPU Semester Alignment

KPU (Overlap of Fall and Spring) = Partner (Semester 1)

KPU (Overlap of Spring and Summer) = Partner (Semester 2)

Exchange information:https://www.univa.mx/internacionalizacion/
Exchange Student Handbook:
Course Information:https://www.univa.mx/
Program Information:https://www.univa.mx/
Cost of Living:https://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/in/San-Pedro-Garza-Garcia?displayCurrency=CAD
Visa Information:Canadian citizens coming for one semester or less than 180 days do not need to undergo any immigration procedure. They will have to keep the Multiple Migratory Form they get when they arrive to Mexico, as it is the proof of their legal stay in the country.
Students coming for a full year will have to undergo a migratory procedure back home, and then another one upon arrival. The cost for this is $500 MXN.
More Information:https://travel.gc.ca/destinations/mexico
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