KPU Kwantlen First Nation Elder Lekeyten


KPU's mission and mandate to promote student success are strengthened through the wisdom and guidance of our Elder in Residence, Lekeyten, of the Kwantlen First Nation. His role at KPU transcends the domain of indigenous student support to encompass all students through his powerful presence and inspirational role at all important gatherings and ceremonies at our university. As a student-centred house of learning, KPU places great importance on the experience of every learner that chooses our university. Lekeyten has established a cherished tradition of offering his blessings for a successful educational journey, welcoming new students at the beginning of each academic year and congratulating students at Convocation. His knowledge, his humour and his genuinely inclusive spirit elevate our educational calling to encompass tradition, protocol, and an essential grounding in our shared humanity and cultures.