Literature Courses

Spring 2015 Literature Courses 


ENGL 1202 and 1204 Topics

In both ENGL 1202 and ENGL 1204, students will engage in writing-intensive activities as they analyze literary texts. They will apply literary analysis through close reading, informed discussion, and formal writing.  ENGL 1202 sections focus on themes chosen by the individual instructors. Past ENGL 1202 topics have included "Detective Fiction," "Love Stories. Love Songs,” and "Rebels, Misfits and Outsiders."  ENGL 1204 involves the study of genres (poetry, drama, fiction, etc.) and some instructors of ENGL 1204 have topics as well.

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ENGL 2000-4000 Level Topics

English courses at the 2000 level are accessible to all students who have completed six first year English course credits (or their equivalent). English courses at the 3000 and 4000 level are accessible to students who meet the prerequisite(s) for the courses. For more information about the Bachelor of Arts in English Major and Minor programs click here

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