Ana Robles

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Phone: 604.599.2604
Surrey Office: Fir 108
Richmond Office: R2455

Areas of specialization focus on language acquisition, early contemporary Central American literary studies and Latin American cultural studies.


Courses taught

  • SPAN 1100 - Basic Spanish I
  • SPAN 1101 - Basic Spanish II
  • SPAN 2200 - Intermediate Spanish I
  • SPAN 2201 - Intermediate Spanish II
  • SPAN 3450 - Culture and Society in the Spanish-Speaking World
  • LANC 1150 - Introduction to Intercultural Competencies: Thinking, Speaking, Acting Globally
  • LANC 3150 - Advanced Intercultural Competencies
  • LANC 3450 - Culture and Society in the Spanish-Speaking World

Areas of Interest

Areas of research interests are language acquisition, methodology, intercultural studies, and cultural studies that grapple with the Latin American context.